AlterGeo’s innovative hybrid location technology is the most effective, accurate, reliable, fastest and handiest tool to locate networking electronic devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, personal desktop computers and others, as well as their users. The universal system of AlterGeo provides the best result of accomplishing any software-based tasks related to geolocation on all key mobile platforms at any part of the world. This is ensured by combining a wide range of positioning approaches, including WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, LTE, IP addresses and network environment based location algorithms also developed by the company.

Nowadays, AlterGeo system has excellent coverage in Russia, the CIS, Europe, Asia, as well as North and South America, and stores data about 135M+ WiFi, WiMAX, GSM and LTE active access points. It serves 400M+ location requests and locates 100M+ devices daily, whereas regular feedback reports allow the database to be enlarged and adjusted in real time with the help of AlterGeo’s sophisticated self-actualization coverage engine.

IT and advertising market leaders use AlterGeo’s technological solution to position users of their web portals, services and mobile apps, provide them with location-aware features, geotarget advertisements, and collect geostatistical information on the density of people in specified urban areas at any time of the day, week, month or year.

Depending on specific goals of its use, AlterGeo system can be accessible through API and SDK or deployed on the client side as an on-premises solution.

Hybrid Location SDK

AlterGeo’s Hybrid Location SDK allows devices to be positioned all over the world with the accuracy of 20 to 30 meters thanks to the innovative mechanism for combining WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, LTE, IP approaches. It allows electronic device makers, as well as web service and mobile app developers to provide their audiences with full-scale geographic features.

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Indoor navigation

One of the main advantages of AlterGeo system is its effective performance indoors where the satellite signals are hindered and consequently GPS and GLONASS are unavailable. Implementation of the Hybrid Positioning SDK allows the devices to be located with the accuracy of 20 to 30 meters in any environments, including inside of buildings. However, if target premises are prepared beforehand according to AlterGeo's special scheme, the indoor positioning accuracy improves up to unique figures of 1 to 2 meters.

There is an increasing demand for indoor navigation solutions in large buildings visited by a lot of people, including airports, train and bus stations, trade centers, and so on.

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Ads geotargeting

AlterGeo’s solution for ads geotargeting allows banners and other advertisements on websites and in mobile apps to be shown to certain users depending on their current location. The system positions all potential addressees of each ad in real time and distributes it only to a narrowly defined target territory. For example, the scope of recipients can be limited to those people who are physically located within a specified radius around a certain point (from 500-1000 meters). As a result, customers get the opportunity to target particular ads to narrow groups of users by location, which ensures the best targeted and thus most effective location-based advertising performance.

Advertising networks and agencies, as well as RTB providers can use this solution of AlterGeo as SaaS or an on-premises solution.

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